New world, new games

A fundamentally new Play to Earn (P2E) game based on NFT and blockchain technologies, which is unlike the developers of Angry Birds (Ukraine), which millions of users will love


Coin distribution

100.000.000 WORMS GAME (WORMS)


+2% Liquidity pool

With each transaction, 2% goes into the created liquidity. The more liquidity, the stronger the coin when selling

+5% BUSD Refund

With each transaction, 5% goes to the wallet of the coin holder in the form of a BUSD stablecoin. The more coins you keep in your wallet, the more dollars you will receive from each transaction. In order to receive a reward, your wallet must have at least 10.000 WORMS

This will protect the project from paper hands.

+5% Development

half a year, the funds will be used to develop the game, update and expand the functionality, as well as the money will go to marketing and listing on the exchanges

The Biggest $BUSD Reflection Token! 🔘 WORMS GAME is a new deflationary-reflection token on the BSC network. Simply hold $WORMS tokens in your wallet and earn passive income in $BUSD. 5% of every Buy/Transfer/Sell transaction is redistributed automatically to $WORMS eligible holders.


In order to play Worms Game, you need a wallet and WORMS GAME (WORMS) 

You make a pancakeswap swap and the received WORMS token you can exchange on the marketplace and buy NFTs or exchange NFTs.

Also in the game, you can win WORMS coins and exchange them for exclusive weapons or unique worms to increase your chances of winning.

And the opportunity to win the prize pool and earn real money.


Swap on the exchange and buy/sell coins WORMS  Worms Game


Play the game and win prizes and WORMS coins to exchange for NFT characters or weapons, or sell your coins on the exchange.


Exchange WORMS coins for NFT and vice versa NFT for WORMS coins BEP-20


The game is a battle between teams of 5 worms. Up to 5 players can fight on one map at the same time.

Each player places a bet. The minimum bet is $1 in WORMS coins at the exchange rate at the time of the game

The winning participant receives all the money of the participants who made the bet.

Distribution of winnings. 100% the sum of all bets. 10% gets the developer. 8% goes to the tournament which takes place among the leaders who have received the maximum number of points. 2% goes to the weekly tournament in which the most active and strongest players will take part.

Points are calculated according to the formula $/1000* (for the number of battles). The more money you bet and win, the more points you will get.

Tournaments are held daily. The best 12 players participate in the tournament. The prize pool can be from $10,000 or more.
1st place gets 50%
2nd place gets 35%
3rd place gets 15%

Once a week, a super tournament is held where the prize pool can be more than $1 million.
the distribution of the prize fund is the same

1st place gets 50%
2nd place gets 35%
3rd place gets 15%

At the end of the tournament, all points of the players are reset to zero. This gives new and random participants the opportunity to become the best and win big cash prizes.

The WORMS meta is completely decentralized and managed by a smart contract, all payments are made automatically. The developer does not influence the decision on payments in any way.


Videos are taken from open sources to show the approximate gameplay of our game The graphics and engine of our game will be different


Build your dream team. You can buy a collection of NFT characters that have unique properties in the game, which will help you create a strong dream team and win championships by winning large sums of money. Buying NFT players is not just pretty pictures, it is a highly profitable investment in the future. this collection is limited.


Phase 1


White paper





Telegram bot

Phase 2

GameFI development start

3D NFT development






Top tracker site

Phase 3

Fair Launch

Trend Fair Launch

Listing pancakeswap

Listing coinmarketcap

Listing coingecko

Trends coinmarketcap

Trends coingeko

Hot pair Dextools

Poocoin trends


Listing exchange

Phase 4

GameFi integration in nft

Listing GameFi platform

Refferal link integration +/-10%

3D NFT integration

Launch GameFi

Streaming platform integration

Update GameFi

Big game marketing

Expansion of the game functionality